"Affirmation Chant"

Lightning-power of the eagle feather,
through the pale veil of existence.

The Coyote mantle, bone, tooth, and fur,
placed on the head of a powerful woman,
transfers the spirit and life energy,
from the skins of the animal.

The quietness of the dove,
the force spirit-power of the eagle,
the command of the bear,
and the illusiveness of the Coyote,

The defense of the cactus,
the centuries vibration of the redwood,
the sacredness of the red willowbark
and the healing scent of sage, combine.

From Darkness,
particles of molten energy,
light from the stars,
the stone people, water spirits and four winds.

The understanding of these forces,
when all things are in balance, the unique energy,
the structure, the incomprehensible,
the acceptance of the eternal mystery.

Daniel O. Stolpe -- July 1982

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