"There Was Coyote Biting at the Moon"

A long time ago, when Coyote was making the shape of things, when the moon was first showing itself, Coyote looked at the great waters and was troubled. The edge of the waters were the same shape all of the time, there were no bays and no tide pools. He was puzzled when he saw his brother and sister coyotes wander around at night because the great moon mother was always one great circle of white light. It happened that when the sun was leaving the day, Coyote and his brothers amused themselves by biting at the moon. There were three of them, and each one could bite for ten days before they would tire out, and that is why the moon changes.

There was coyote biting at the moon.jpg (170934 bytes)

Multi-colored woodcut,  20 x 24 inches
Printed Troya 40 rice paper, Edition 30, plus proofs, 1980

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