"Coyote Digging for His Bones"

Coyote was traveling along the trail of time and he noticed some people digging around graves of ancestors. He said to himself, that is very strange, digging up bones of the ancestors, but he thought there must be something there because people were working at staking it so intensely.

So he went back in time through his own trail and sniffed around for old Coyote bones and started digging them up. The more he dug, the more he uncovered and the more confused he got. So he covered them back up and went along thinking that if he was supposed to know about those bones the Great Mystery would have told him.

coyote digging for his bones.jpg (185670 bytes)

Multi-colored woodcut,  20 x 24 inches
Printed Troya 40 rice paper, Edition 30, plus proofs, 1981

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