"The Earth Shakes . . . Coyote Is Chewing the Shell of Turtle"

One morning Coyote was sniffing around the desert and nudged at a big rock with his nose. After trying once he thought the rock was too big to move. Then he opened his mouth and started gnawing at the rock and the rock started to move by itself. He wasn't surprised, because what he thought all along was that it was Turtle sleeping.

Coyote with his special powers grew bigger and rolled on his back and raised Turtle over his head with his feet, and started chewing on Turtle's shell. That's when Turtle Island started to shake, and the plates of Turtle's shell fell into the ocean and caused big waves, and Coyote lost some teeth.

The earth shake... Coyote is chewing the shell of turtle.jpg (186964 bytes)

Multi-colored woodcut,  20 x 24 inches
Printed Troya 40 rice paper, Edition 30, plus proofs, 1981

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