"Coyote Changes the Color of the Sun"

Coyote was sniffing around when he heard the plants talking. One plant was saying, "if you eat me you'll fart and defecate". Coyote said to the plant, "that's not true because I can do anything at my command. I decide when to fart and defecate". So Coyote ate the plant and went on along his way. He looked at his anus and said, "look at me I'm Coyote, I can tell myself when to fart and defecate". Then a little while later he heard feeww . . . and said, "it must be an insect flying by my ear", then he went feeww . . . again and again and he decided it was something he ate. The power of it jetted him down the road, the animals left the valley and the sun changed its color.

Multi-colored woodcut,  20 x 24 inches
Printed Troya 40 rice paper, Edition 30, plus proofs, 1981

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