The Studio of Daniel Stolpe in Gold Canyon, Arizona who's works have been Recently Acquired by Arizona State University Tampe and University of Arizona, Tuscon.

Prints, Woodcuts, Etchings, Lithographs, Paintings and Sculptures by Internationally Recognized Daniel Stolpe. May be purchased privately through the Artist.

"The House of Art" is the new residents and print studio of artist Daniel Stolpe. He moved in May 2007 to Gold Canyon forty miles East of Phoenix off highway 60. Stolpe will have open studios and exhibits.

Stolpe and Raburn Unite on the new Dream Dancing edition.

Michael Raburn realized the advantages of combining two art printing techniques, lithography and serigraphy thus the name "Serilith" came to be.

"I met Michael Raburn 5 years ago when he bought a small lithographic press from my studio in Aztec, New Mexico. A while later, I visited him in Phoenix to discuss a joint project utilizing his "Serilith" technique. Michael is both an extraordinary man as well as craftsman and artist. I feel very fortunate working with him and meeting his family. I consider it a hallmark relationship of anyone I met over the years in the printing world. I look forward to many years of celebrating art and life with him." ~ Dan Stolpe, Phoenix, 2009

Daniel Stolpe and Michael Raburn are both master printers and artists. Together they represent over 70 years of experienced printmaking.

Stolpe, founded native images print studio in 1979 at Santa Cruz, California. Raburn began Telos Graphics in 1979, located in Phoenix, Arizona. Both artists have exhibited nationally and collected by numerous institutions.

Mr Stolpe at Native Images Editions 2539 Mission Street, Santa Cruz, California ; 831-425-0658
Mr Raburn can be contacted at Raburn Label's website.

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