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"Dream Dancing", Serilith (Lithography and Serigraphy) 23.5" x 46", Edition of 100
$1350. Edition by Cimarron Printmakers, 2009

Available Now! Two New Editions by Daniel O. Stolpe
The basic content of "Dream Dancing" derives from my experiences attending sun dance and sweat lodge ceremonies. I have always felt personal sacrifice develops a wider experience of the interior realities of the spirit world.

"Buffalo Spirit", Serilith (Lithography and Serigraphy) 30" x 46", Edition of 100
$1350, Edition by Cimarron Printmakers, 2009

We were in the sweat lodge from early morning. About noon, I shot the buffalo. The first arrow went completely through the beast. The experience opened up my heart and Brave Buffalo told me "Through my tears I was given a great gift ... compassion" This print honors the gift.

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The Maidu Creation Myth


This is the first of four volumes that will encompass the whole Creation Myth of the Mountain Maidu, an important endeavor for both William Shipley and myself because of our shared interest in the indigenous cultures of pre-conquest California.                                                             
-Daniel  Stolpe 


VOLUME II 2003: THE ADVERSARIES - hompajtotokyc'om
This myth, The Adversaries, is the second of four volumes which tell the story of the Maidu Creation. It is presumptuous for us to speculate on the Maidu world-view which, before the disaster of the nineteenth century, must have been the social setting for this tale. Earthmaker and Coyote struggle for control. Coyote wins out in the end, thus becoming the architect of what the human condition is to be like.




VOLUME III 2004 : LOVE AND DEATH- hyby'ym masy wonom
This myth, Love and Death, is the third of four volumes which, together, tell the story of the Maidu creation. Unlike many sacred myths from
other parts of the world, the story is noncommittal with regard to what is "good" and what is "bad". Though Coyote emerges as the victor
in the clash of wills with Earthmaker by bringing both love and death to the center of the human experience, in the end his triumph bears
bitter fruit.


VOLUME IV 2005: COYOTE THE SPOILER - wépam wasatikym
In this, the fourth and final part of the Mountian Maidu creation myth, Earthmaker continues to bring about a world based on his own views
of what is best for human beings and all living things. Only at the very end, when Earthmaker really seems to be content with how the world that he and Coyote have created is secured, does he disappear Eastwards, inadevertently leaving his adversary with the last say about how things will be.



This account of the Creation is that of the Mountain Maidu people of Northeastern California. For untold centuries, they lived in village communities scattered through many beautiful mountain meadows at the north end of the Sierra Nevada, just south of Mount Lassen, the southernmost peak in the Cascade Range.  Though their numbers were cruelly reduced and their way of life violently disrupted by the arrival of Euro American invaders in the mid-nineteenth century, they have clung valiantly to their innate wisdom and to the fundamental values of their traditional society.  

In the early 1950's, I was a graduate student in Linguistics in the University of California at Berkeley. I spent several years, mainly  the summers of 1955 and 1956, living in Maiduland and studying the language with Maym Gallagher, a brilliant Maidu who spoke the language with perfect fluency.

This bilingual version of The Creation weds the Maidu account with Dan Stolpe's strong, magical and beautiful visual concept of Coyote.  This is a transcendent combination, for which  I am most proud and grateful.

William Shipley 2002


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Love and Death

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Coyte the Spoiler

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